What multimeditation is all about

By now, most of you already know what meditation is all about. For those that do not, let us give a brief explanation before going on to explain what multimeditation is all about. Meditation on its own can be considered to be a form of quiet prayer. It has to be quiet in order for the practitioner to enjoy a brief spell of peace and tranquility designed to help him and her to relax the body and mind or reduce stress and anxiety levels. Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It was originally considered to be a standard form of religious practices or rituals.

Today, thousands of advocates of ancient meditation practices and arts are not doing it for religious purposes. They regard themselves essentially as secular beings and there are even many who do not believe in a higher being, spiritual or otherwise. They do, however, confidently believe in themselves. As they have come to realize the physical and mental benefits of meditation, they are quick to tell others that the practices really work. The statement that they are non-believers, as it were, is somewhat ironic in the sense that there are those spiritualists and religious fundamentalists who preach or sermonize that if one believes in the self, then one must believe in a higher power.


Nevertheless, meditation is being practiced subjectively and unconsciously by many more people because their customized ritual or routine helps them to de-stress and relieve physical tensions. Multimeditation is a new buzz. It is provided to all modern, twenty-first century internet consumers. That being said, those that are perceived to be enslaved by a life on the net are surreptitiously and invitingly introduced to a new wave of multi-media and multi-functional meditation techniques. Many of these online instructions and guides do originate from the tried and tested ancient practices.

It also combines secular habits of today’s everyday people who are preoccupied by the conscious seeking of material gratification. Little thought is given to esthetics and aesthetics which do help to bring about inner peace without considering others close by. Natural elements are also blended in prominently but gently. For instance, many people are in thrall with the sounds that the ocean’s whales make. They also enjoy the way waves break against the coastlines and enjoy hearing the powerful sounds it makes.

Color also has an important role to play in meditation techniques. There can be no doubt that certain colors have great appeal to people on personal levels. This is already being used in domestic decoration and refurbishing projects. There is a school of thought among students of psychiatry and psychology that the color yellow is effective in creating an aura of calm. But the powerful color blue is popular among many as a calming influence. Color coding switches between the primary colors, allowing online users to reflect on a shade that helps to relax them and bring them the peace they were seeking.